Next Level Paid Advertising

Contrary to organic content and SEO Marketing, paid advertising like PPC is not free. It comes with a certain cost, depending on the volume and CPC (Cost per Click) of the search term.


The most popular types of advertising are search engine advertising (SEA), social ads and affiliate marketing. Those are very effective ways to get more impressions, reach more people and spread your brand's story via video, text or display ads. The ads have to have a clear call to action, like these:

On any platform like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you can target your wished audience and filter them by age, country, interests, language and more. You can also set a goal, for example, more traffic to your website, more views for your youtube video, higher conversion for a product and so on.


With A, B testing, you can easily track the different ad results and can eliminate the ads that are not as converting as others. 

A specific design for your ads could continually be used throughout all your ads and your website, so customers can easily identify your business with those advertisements.


If you have a local business it is important to evade promotional fatigue. It can occur if the same ad is shown the same people multiple times a day or a week. They will be annoyed and connect your business with this bad experience.


We want to bring your potential customers value and a solution to their problem. Ever scrolled through social media with a tedious face because all those ads are constantly appearing? The key is to let your ad not look an ad, so people will spend more time reading and consuming it, instead of skipping every piece.

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