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Organic SEO with Content

Content creation is the #1 way to rank organically on search engines. Organically simply means without paying for results. Paid Promotion would be the other way to rank with cost. 

The difference is that your products or services won't be promoted. But you will serve your customers with useful information on a topic that they are interested in and that your business is the expert in.


One blog post a week would be enough to rank your business higher in the search results. Google loves to show people valuable information and will rank your business for the search terms.


It's best to go for long term keywords, like "what water filter should I use for xx". When people ask questions on Googles, it will show the best answer for them. 


The more information you will publish, the more your business will appear for different keywords. Content could be placed within blog posts, videos, podcasts or infographics. They could not only appear on your website but on content creation platforms like Youtube, Flickr, Pinterest or Facebook.


Helping more people will get you in a position of authority and customers will become vulnerable, because you provided them with free information.


Keyword Research is really important for this type of marketing and needs to be very precise. 


With content seeding, you will place your information on different websites for example as guest posts, which will create important backlinks to your website with the goal to appear all over the internet. 


You want to be the number one source that people in your niche will turn to with questions and inquiries.  

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