Marketing Analysis

Collecting Data for your SEO Strategy

Every Digital Marketing Strategy has to be created on fundamental

data collected from a thorough SEO Analysis which you can get for FREE here

This Analysis will include:

Business Review

Competitors Analysis

Promotion Strategy

Budget Planning

Website Review

Market Size

Ideal Client


Business Review - we will take a closer look at the important numbers of

your business including clients calling your business number, customers

that come in every day and the revenue margin you are currently achieving

with your business.


Competitors Analysis - we will reveal to you the tips and tricks your top competitors are using to rank on top of the search results on Google and we will implement those strategies combined with even more options to outrank your competition. 


Promotion Strategy - ads and promotions are a great way to reach more people and to collect potential leads on a daily basis. We will run converting campaigns within your Facebook, Google, Instagram or LinkedIn Ads Manager to achieve the best results with the lowest cost possible. You can learn more about our campaigns here.


Budget Planning - for a great return on investment (ROI) you first have to invest in your business's future. The estimated amount will be evaluated by us, including ads budget, CPC cost, marketing budget, and service-based cost.


Website Review - if you already have a website, we will go ahead and analyze SEO relevant content, information for Google Maps, the structure, user-friendly surface, mobile compatibility and much more. If you do not have a website, we offer high quality and trending web design services here.


Market Size - we will take a look at the general size of the specific market your business is operating in which includes search volume, size of the competition and potential niches to go for.


Ideal Client - the number one rule for getting new customers or clients is to have an exact profile of what the prospect should look like, what you offer as a solution to the client's needs and what people you are targeting.

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