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What is Local SEO?


Local SEO is based on the local search results of Google. For example, I search for dentists in my area and I live in San Francisco, I would type in: "dentist San Francisco" and this would be a local search. Another way to receive the identical results would be: "dentist near me" which is also a local search.

46% of all searches that are made on Google are local. So nearly every second search on Google includes a city or address. 

For a local business, it is crucial to have a presence on the internet if someone types in your field of expertise in your area. If you do not already own a website look here. 


The Google Maps Three Pack


The most important sector in the local search

results is the "Three Pack".

Remember that the number one goal in SEO is to rank

your business on the top results of the Google searches

for your keyword. So the Google Maps three pack is

the most underestimated tool to do that. 

You will notice that when you use a local search, the

organic search results

will appear below the list.


To get into the list you will need to

create, optimize and claim your Google My

Business listing. 56% of local stores have not

claimed their local listing which reveals a huge

opportunity to get you ahead of your competition.

The next step is to get your business ranked within

the three pack because only the first three businesses

will appear there. 


We can also create Google Ads for you as they appear always at the very top of Google.


SEO, in general, is a very complex process of on page, backend, website, and content optimization combined with backlinks, lead generation, and keyword research.

We will set up your SEO optimized online presence on a budget for the highest conversion and sales rates possible.

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