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Use of Social Media for Businesses

An online presence on Social Media has become very important over the years. Platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter are a must in 2019.


You should always aim to be in contact with your audience on social media, connect with them on forums and answer your reviews on the internet. ​


How You Can Use SMO


The first step, would be to optimize your profile or bio because that is the first place you can place keywords and address your audience. It should be clear structured and appealing to customers. You should only post relevant and consistent content.


If someone tries to sell me a product and on Monday they post some product news and on Tuesday they post a picture of their dog and on Wednesday it is a photo of their little daughter in Disney Land, I will probably not follow them. I mean we all love dogs and children but on this specific profile I want to be convinced to buy this product and to learn more about it. 


If people know what to expect from you, they will be more likely to be interested in you. Your message has to be clear all around your profile. 

You should post consistent every two to three days depending on your business.  Some people post once a week and some twice a day. If you have enough content to show, every day would be ideal. But it is more important to keep up with your schedule, than to put out content often. 

You want to show Google and other search engines that you are legitimate and a real business. The mor engaged your follower are in your content, the better. 

Social Ads are a very effictive way for any type of service or product, because with Instagram alone you could potentisally reach 700 Million Users all around the world, that can be narrowed down and tailored to your company. 

With targeted hashtags, you will reach more and more people and you can also create your own hashtags. Those are very relevant escpacially for local business owners. 

The content should be snackable, which means that it should be conusmable on a mobile device. Most suitable for that are short content snippets that link to the full blog post on your website. 

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