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What is the Importance of a Website?


A professionally designed website is crucial for any type of business in the era of information technology. It is not only important for marketing but also for social media marketing and sales.

88% of consumers are searching only for a product or service before buying in-store or visiting the businesses location.

A website is the backbone of your online presence. It builds your credibility and authority on the internet. Most businesses today already have a website, so those who have not will be seen as less credible compared to the competition.

Even if you happen to have a website, if the structure, backlinking or user surface is not perfectly designed, potential customers won't stay long on your site and Google will give you a hard time ranking your business in the search results.

As a result, you will miss out on a lot of sales and your reputation will surely sink.


Providing Service 24/7


Potential customers will search for your business any day at any given time. With a website, you can now provide accessibility around the clock.

When you have closed for the day, your website will be working for you, answering clients questions, providing information about the service and the team and giving the opportunity to get in touch with the business owner via a contact form on your website. 

You cannot imagine the number of customers you are missing on without a proper presence on the internet. While you are sleeping, your competitors will collect all the leads by making it easy for customers to browse through their virtual online business.

Create the Perfect First Impression with Your Website


What should your website look like? What should it contain and how should that be displayed? 

Not any website will do the trick, it's important to follow these steps:


Creative Design - not everyone is an IT professional, so the backend of your website will not be the first thing a customer checks. The overall first impression will be the dynamic and the design of your website. Even after creating one, you will constantly have to redesign it to keep up with the current trends

Images and colors need to work together with your brand and they should be pleasant for the eye to look at. 


User- Friendly - if your site looks nice and attractive but your menu and content is all over the place, no one will stay longer than seconds on your website. The site experience should be very positive and your interactive area easy to use. It also needs to be mobile friendly.

42% of all consumers google a business with their phone and as a result of that Google prefers sites that are optimized for mobile use.


Relevant Content - helpful content to your target audience is so underrated in today's online world. Content is the number one reason Google will rank your business at the top. It shows presence and provides news to your customers. The key here is to rank for long tail keywords, which you can learn more about here.


Fast Loading Time - If your website doesn't load within the very first seconds, clients will be clicking away very fast. With our professional web design, we will ensure quick loading times. 


Client Intake Form - now the customer is very satisfied with what they see, but they don't know how to get in touch with you. That is where a client intake form comes in handy. It's a place where customers can leave their name, email address, phone number and message for you to get back to them. It should preferably be located on your homepage. 


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